Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mollie #47 - La Marina, Chile - French Toast, Lightening our Loads

                                                September 18
Hey all, 

    Sorry its late. We have Wednesday off this week and not Monday.  I forgot to write about the Independence Day change.

Me and Hermana Martinez
    This week has been great. I would be good with an Argentine accent, but they talk with a lot of 'sh' sounds. It is not 'como se llama.'  It's 'como se shama.'

Hermana Ramos has a problem with a ligament in her foot, so I carried her to the event this morning.

It is still fun to have an Argentine companion.
 I will try and get some recipes for you. She is from Buenos Aires.

Chilean empanadas that I helped make
slice of egg
one olive
meat and onion
Yes, I got my box! Over two months! 
The sleeping bag and boots are great.

Thanks Cousin Shirley for the recording Christmas book. Even though it's not Christmas, I already have put it to a lot of use reading the scriptures in Spanish and listening to the play back.

There is not really anything I need.  You can always pray that I have the gift of discernment, because that is really what we need to know how to work better with the ward and our investigators.

We only have a little time to use the computer today, since we are in a member's house.

Spiritual Thought
When you don't know how to do something, remember to delegate, or ask for help from someone who does. This is a goal of mine to ask for help more often. I made 210 pieces of French toast this morning for the zone. They bought all of the ingredients but didn't know how to cook it. 

{{hand smack to forehead (elders) shake head back and forth}} 

French Toast Crew

I don't mind cooking, but I'd rather do it ahead of time, not during the activity.
After Cooking  All of the French Toast
 It made me think of the trade offs that we do in Alpine in the ward.  Daddy will help with the computers. Then Landen will come help with cutting up the trees. I will give people flowers. The Hardings will shovel the snow...and it goes on. Everyone pitches in.

 A burdened shared is a a burden lighter.

   The bible says in Corinthians about the ear and the eye being very different but necessary parts of the body of the people of God, which is all of us. We don't have all the talents we need,  but when we share we have more than enough!

Some of us from the zone.  My old companion, Hermana Ferrel, in the middle - love her!
                    Love you all lots!
                                           Hermana Bowman