Sunday, January 19, 2014

Riley #49 - Lomita, CA - Two Baptisms Bring Happiness and Support

                                     January 6, 2014

Hi Everyone,

   First, thank the Santoses for me for their gift, as well for the Christmas card they sent me. That was really great.

    This was a really great week for us.  We had two baptisms yesterday. It was really excellent and amazing to see how they have grown. They truly understand what it means to be baptized and the covenant associated with it, and because of that it was really a joyous occasion.

Most of the Branch made it to the baptism, which is good seeing all the support everyone gives. Everyone was happy and they all were really excited.

     They were, of course, the most excited. It was great to hear their testimonies.

It's such a huge change for them. When he started meeting with us, he didn't have a belief in God, but now he understands that there is not just God, but a plan and purpose to his life. He knows the scriptures are true. All of these things he's learned and knows from the spirit makes him happy. He wants to be part of the church forever.

    She has changed a lot, too. She gave up working on Sunday and tea, as she came to know Christ. She is really happy now, too.


    That is the news of the week. Can't get better than that. It is weird to hear about our missionaries coming back.  Three days till my year mark!


               Elder Bowman

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  1. Aw, what beautiful pictures. So happy for Samson and Tiffany.