Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mollie # 59 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Hippie House, Baptism, Painting Christ


                                           December 16

Hey all,

    So what did we do this week?

      We threw a birthday party for Hermana Bazan. She turned 25 and is a crazy Peruvian hipster. 

     So Sara got sent home? That is too bad. I hope she feels okay. I am sure that there is a lot for her to do at home. 
    I am exercising more. I really don´t stress so much so don´t worry about that. If I get enough sleep, I´m fine.

     Right now, it is the sun that is killing me. I was made for the mountains and not for the sun- that is why I have this pasty white skin that I have. It is to maximize the use of the little sun that I am supposed to be exposed to.  Lots of sun equals drinking gallons of water a day. When I burn I literally emit heat for days. I am trying to think of a more practical way to carry around water than a water bottle I can´t find a canteen, but I will keep looking.

    Hermana Porter and I laugh all day. We have so much fun together. The other day, we walked in circles trying to get to our appointments which weren’t there. We walked until the night, when we had a lesson inside this little hippie house with spices hanging down from all sides of the ceiling. It was a wonderful little lesson with a family of five.

    One of our investigators came to church Sunday. It was the Primary program. She felt the spirit so strongly that after the service she asked us when she could be baptized. We almost jumped out of our skins from surprise.

I am drinking lots and lots of smoothies and jello. Love my blender!

What is kind of amazing to think about is that a year has almost passed on my mission. I am going to be spending Christmas with the same hermana from last year. I feel like we have been friends for years, but then I don´t even know her parents.

We will Skype Dec 25. I am not sure what time. I will be writing later this week.

I am still amazed at this ward. They are really great. We are trying to think up and put down plans in how we can best support the ward. Last Sunday, we had 20 different people signed-up to accompany us - which is a miracle!

The ward choir here is great. In particular there is one little boy that is about 12 that has a beautiful voice. Are you guys singing in the Alpine Joyful Choir?

We had a Christmas devotional with our mission presidents. Our zone did a silly skit to 'Drummer Boy.'

Spiritual Thought
    The message that I got out of all the talks was - How can you paint Christ on your countenance?

     When we picture Christ or the characteristics of Christ, we have someone in mind. Maybe for patience, we think of our mothers. When we think of charity, we picture a particular coworker that was especially empathetic.

      Who do we think of when we think of Christ and how can we paint more of Christ on ourselves? We need to think and act upon this, so when others think of Christ-like love they think of us as an example of Grace and Love and Goodness.

                Love you all lots!
                  Hermana Bowman


  1. You are a beautiful young lady Mollie. I love you so much. Your Texas family canot wait to see you.

  2. Molly, When we were serving in Peru, I had the same problem with always carrying water.....found a shop where they sold purses and there was a bottle holder!! Check out and see if somewhere they might have one. You are doing such an important work. Keep up the pace....even when it's hot!