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Mollie #14 - Chilean Spanish, Peter, A Broken Cup, and Comics!

                                                                                                                     February 12, 2013
Hey All,

     It's hard to believe, but I will be leaving this place in 2 weeks! or slightly less. I am really excited/nervous. Last night, a bunch of the sisters in our branch left on their missions. One of them was Hermana Layton. My singing buddy. I wrote a comic about her.

I am not sure how I am going to do as far as being submerged in the language. Some elders in our district were talking to a sister from Chile. They said that she left all of her "s" out when she spoke Spanish. To be honest, I am not that nervous even if they say "como e'ta?" At this point, I really think there is nothing to be done, except to fail miserably and get better.

      I have heard wonderful things about the people of Chile. I have been told that they are kind and that they love to feed the missionaries. My job to love and serve them should not be especially hard. One thing I have been working on is singing and memorizing hymns in Spanish. At the very least, I will be able to sing a testimony.

Here are some comics related to learning Spanish at the MTC.

(Click to Enlarge Images)
(Mollie writes small in the corner that it reminds her of the movie "Emperor's New Groove" concerning the acorn. Here is the clip:     Emperor's New Groove Clip)

(Sometimes I think we worry too much about offending people.)
(This really happened!)
       Spiritual thought for you all. There is a story in the Bible that talks about how Peter sees Christ and jumps out of the boat to come unto him. He jumps into the water unable to contain himself, because he wants to be with Christ. He walks on the water toward Christ and then starts to sink. Christ then comes to him and takes a hold of his hand and says something along the lines of "Oh, you of little faith." I do not think that at this point Christ was chastising Peter. I think he was just stating a fact. To God our faith is little.

      What is unnoticed in this story is that all of the other disciples stayed in the boat. Of all of them, Peter had the most faith. He was willing to leave the boat and the safety he knew it provided choosing the safety of the Lord. Because, he was willing to leave the ship, Peter had an opportunity to walk on water - to be lifted up by Christ and then to return to the boat walking on water with Him (I doubt they swam). If we want an opportunity to walk with Christ, we also must leave the boat. We need to have enough faith to jump out of the ship and then take the hand of Christ when it is offered. The jumping is the trial of faith and the hand is the witness received (Ether 12: 6). The Book of Mormon mentions many times about how the hand of God is reaching still. This is the hand that is offered.

     I will be able to call and talk to you before I get on the plane. I will include this in my email next week, so you will know which time to have the phone on.

   Oh...We got to host new missionaries last week, and this week we are hosting again. 815 missionaries came in last week and about 1/3 of them were sisters!

There are about 3,000+ missionaries now. I don't know how many are coming this week. The cafeteria is crazy. I broke my first cup this week. Evidently, they have a person hired just to clean up messes.

It was exciting to hear about the missionary calls and people deciding to go. I hope the baby shower went well.

Thank you Bowman for the pencils and sticky notes and goodies. The stars are my favorite. I have already used a couple.

(Only here would your lunch lady add 
smile faces and scriptures to your lunch bags.)
" be spiritually-minded is life eternal."

      Thank you, Mother, for the flowers. This most recent bouquet is my favorite. It is beautiful! Though your letter to me was only half-printed.

I played the prelude of "I Love to See the Temple" this last Sunday. The whole audience became dead silent just to listen. It was very nerve-racking but beautiful at the same time.

Please send me more music: I have been looking for music for you, as well. For me, maybe a Sally Deford -Come Follow Me, or Love at Home, or both, or my copy of "Creatures of God and King," or the other one I love - Celtic-ish of Aaron Waite. There is a guy named Chas...something that has some piano music that you can find on Youtube. One is "Hie to Kolob," I believe. There is also a beautiful arrangement for piano and viola of a mix of "If you can Hie to Kolob/Adam omni aman" that you can go find.

Lots of Love,

Hermana Mollie Bowman

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