Monday, August 3, 2015

Jake #5 - Provo, UT - Spanish Improving, Eight New Elders, Wrong Suit Came

                     January 2, 2015

Hi Everyone,

     This week we finished with a couple of the mock investigators. Now we have become the mock investigators for some of the beginning Spanish classes. We received our travel itinerary, and I am to be travel leader. Its going to be a 21 hour trip.

This week we learned a lot about how to teach, different methods and tools to use. I feel my language skills are improving dramatically After a little bit more of grammar study, the only thing I shall lack are the Argentine Spanish words and lots of vocabulary. 

This last week, we received  a new shipment of eight elders into our zone. It's exciting to see more people coming. It does make me feel that I am more than ready to leave the MTC and get into the field. I have learned a lot here, but being able to stretch my legs and apply what I've learned will be fantastic. 

I'm sending you my suit that doesn't fit from Jos. Banks. The jacket doesn't fit, as well. I had the seamstress here take the measurements. She said that the suit needs to be more than tailored. Also, it is the wrong suit. It's never been worn. And they said it was tailored, when it has not been. I really do need new watches and some ties that are less fragile. The Missionary Mall tie is my favorite. It doesn't hold creases very much. 

Elder Bowman