Please Write! We LOVE letters!

Sister Mollie Elizabeth Bowman
Chile Concepcion South Mission
Mission Concepcion Sur
Castellon 1063
Casilla 3560
Concepcion, Bio Bio

Elder John Riley Bowman
1591 East Temple Way
California Los Angeles Mission
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801


Go to click -->

First, you have to set up a writing account for yourself. will store your letters for free and the addresses of the missionaries you write to. 
They also have packages you can send. 

*Mollie's letters will always be free, but letters to Riley will be 45 cents. will allow you to securely upload a credit, 
so you can write and not worry about postage. 
It deducts from the amount, each time you write.

1) Set up your account
2) Click on the tab at the top that says "Write a Letter"
3) Go to the 'Letter Selection' drop down menu and pick "Chile Concepcion South"
4) Click on the button underneath the drop down menu "Write a Missionary"
5) Fill out blanks with personal information and add "Sister Mollie Bowman"
6)Type your letter in the blank space
7) Click on "Check Spelling" then "Send Letter" ...Mollie is always going to be free through

1) Set up your account for If you are only writing to Riley, it might be better to write him through the US Post Office. charges $0.45, but requires a minimal $10 to start an account. Then it deducts postage automatically as you write to non-free missionaries, like Riley.
2) Click on the tab at the top that says "Write a Letter"
3) Where it says "Letter Selection" go to the "California Los Angeles" in the drop menu on the front page for Riley's mission  
4) A prompt will ask, "Do you want this letter to go to the mission office?" Pick "OK" - you'll have to click it twice.
5) (Don't click on the box where it says to type in our email. No emails, because time is too limited to read them. I would rather have letters on paper.)
6) Type your letter in the blank box.  Click "Send Letter"
7) Follow directions on adding $10 to your account. gives it to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake, then the Church forwards your typed letter to Mollie or Riley.  Pretty easy, and it is private. They should get it in about a week or maybe two for Mollie, depending on how remote she is.