Thursday, February 7, 2013

Riley #4 - Birthdays, Half Way, Mission Prep

(No missionary chalk messages allowed outside the MTC)
Hi Everyone!

 Thanks so much for the birthday box. There was so much in there, I couldn't believe it. We had a lot of fun, and the cake was delicious. It was another missionary's birthday on the first, so we were able to use some of the stuff for him as well.

     It was great receiving a letter from the ward. Letters really mean a lot to us. Also, happy birthday Michele! I enjoyed receiving the photos of Madeleine and everyone. It sure is great to receive pictures.
     Speaking of which, I am really sorry, but I'm not sure when I will send you some pictures. I have not taken very many and still haven't tried sending any yet. I'm so short on time when I'm emailing, but I'll see what I can do next time.

     Wednesday, will mark the halfway point for me at the MTC. I will have been here four weeks and have four weeks to go. Everything is going well, and still the same. My companions and I get along well, and we all practice conversing regularly now.

      Our classes lately have been less focused on the language. Now that we have some of the basics, they seem to expect us to take the reigns in our language study. Not that they don't teach us, but it is less than it was when we started. We have the resources to learn and are expected to use them, as we come across words and phrases we don't understand.

       Apart from that, everything is still moving along much the same.  I feel like I am starting to understand more of the language, but am still struggling when it comes to speaking fluently. Also, I am starting to feel like I am starting to know the language well enough to teach myself.

  I really feel like I have a good grasp on most everything else. I know Jake might not like me saying this, but he should make sure to go to the early morning mission prep classes. Those will be really useful in helping him prepare. I know he was talking about going, but if he hasn't started going, he should.

      I received your glasses in my package. Pretty funny birthday present. I have yet to ascertain the best way to return them to you. I will ask around this week and see what people suggest.

    Also, I want to reply to the Chamberlains, but I do not know their address. If you could send it to me along with the other addresses I requested, I would be most appreciative.

Elder Bowman