Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mollie #43 - La Marina, Chile - Drawing in Primary, Being an Example of Christ

                              August 19

Hey all,

    Don´t worry so much. I am figuring things out bit by bit. Anyway, I gave a talk yesterday. People said they like it and that it was spontaneous. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.

      'Obra Misional' was the theme of sacrament. All of the ward missionaries sang together. It was pretty good especially since half of us are sick with a head cold. The people here are a little bit better off and a little bit more educated, aka they sing better. The sister that directs music has one of those giant opera singing voices and well she doesn't really know timing. It makes playing the piano especially entertaining. This week we are starting a choir and then Sunday I am playing for Primary.

    Primary here is crazy. I spent last Sunday in Primary. As a general rule, I always carry around colored pencils and a sketch pad for lessons with kids that just don't know how to not bother their parents. I then take requests for things to draw their favorite animal, etc. It really helps.

    Anyway, there was an inactive mom with her two younger kids in church for the first week Sunday. She spent the whole time in Primary because her son was shy, and it took some time to help him interact with the other kids.
     After Sacrament the first hour is class time which is coloring and reading from The Friend which works fairly well. The last hour is what we call 'let them run,' where the kids run around the gym. I also practiced the Primary music number with them.

Spiritual Thought - "By your fruits you will know them" -

    One thing we have been working on is the PR of the church in our sector. Things like making sure the outside of the church is clean and things like that. There is a lot of antimormon stuff going around. You never know who is watching or what signs we are projecting as a people. So as church members we should try and be an example of Christ in all of our actions.
We have a new mission office for sending packages. Don't worry the other ones will be forwarded. 

It is:

Mission Concepcion Sur
Castellon 1063
Casilla 3560
Concepcion, Bio Bio

We are receiving packages and can send packages but letters seem to have problems. 

Out of time. I will try and figure out a way of taking pictures.

            Love you lots,


(To Riley) - Hey Ri - Things are crazy here in Chile as always. I am debating starting up an English class again in this new sector, but I am not to sure about it. I am still getting to know the sector and just started a choir.

The youth here don't do any activities. They only have seminary together, and there are only about 4 of them that regularly attend church. If you could throw me some ideas I can present to the leaders to activate the youth that would be helpful. What are some easy Young Mens activities? We have two that are active, but I think if we got some good activities going they would invite people.

How great that you are doing so well on your mission. Funny that you got a talk I spoke last week.

        Love you lots,
Your Sis

(To Michele) - Love the pictures keep sending them. Tiny looks a lot like you Mich. I miss the beach and I am right next to it. GO figure.

          Love you lots,
 Your Sis

Mollie heard her friend, Hannah, is pregnant

(To Hannah S.) - Da felicidades por ella y saludos por todos. That is fantastic hope the summer is going well.