Sunday, September 8, 2013

Riley #33 - Lomita, CA - LA Temple, Bridge View, A Baptism

       September 3

Dear Family,

       Thanks for the pictures. We went to the temple today, so our Pday is today rather than Monday. It is always great to be able to enter the temple, and I can feel the difference it makes in our work after going there.

     I forgot to take pictures again, so I took a few in the computer lab with the other Chinese Elders.

Also, I found the other picture of our Branch when looking through Elder Casey's camera. That is at a hike the Branch went on together with a couple of our English class students.
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      This week went great. We did service Labor Day helping out with a race. It was a race which went over the bridge by the port of Los Angeles. We got to go on the bridge and lay down mats for the runners to run over. It was an awesome view up there as you can see the cranes and containers from the ships. 

      I don't have much time, because it took a while to get the pictures. Sunday went great. One of our Branch member's daughter was baptized. They had a huge dinner afterward, which we got to take some leftovers from. We usually have too much food at our apartment ever since Elder Bergeson started his diet, so it is a race to eat all the leftovers before they go bad.

     English class is going well. We don't have too many students at our English class right now, but the ones we do have are pretty solid. We still get a few new people each week. We had an English class activity with the Branch Saturday. We had a BBQ at our branch mission leader's house. Most of our English students came and enjoyed it. They also were able to meet some of our branch members for the first time.
We have been trying to finish the format for our English lessons this week. We have been constantly building and altering our English class.

                Elder Bowman