Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mollie #44 - La Marina, Chile - Missing Youth, Newish Bag, Better Questions

                               August 26

Hermana Van de Merwe and Me
Hey all,

    Very little  time this week  - a lot to print. I am starting a choir here. I made posters for the church and invitations last week. 

      The second week here, I gave a talk and talked about missionary work and set up a table in the lobby where we are putting announcements, invitations, pass along cards, and things like that. I think I might start a weekly missionary challenge.

     I am trying to find the answer to ¨the case of the missing youth.¨ The ward has a group of sixteen year olds - four of them - but there are no other youth. They exist, but they don´t go to church. I am trying to figure out why. Some of them are recent converts, so it is really sad.

     Cleaning the house had a nice surprise. Michele isn´t the only one that got a new purse. I found this cool shoulder bag, sorting out all the old missionary clothes in the house. I think I could use it instead of a backpack. It needs to be cleaned up, but it is a good cargo bag with lots of pockets. I am working on downsizing the things I carry with me and this is really going to help me. 

     My map is almost done. I am really excited. When I first got to the sector, we had a map, but it is tiny, beat up, and hard to read. The new one I drew out has all the passageways and everything that, for some reason, isn't on the city map.

     I was sick all week and am just getting better. I spent a day at the bishop's house watching Rio, because I was coughing so much and I didn´t want to do so in front of investigators. I am not a pretty sick. I just get red, coughy, and terrible.

     My companion was also sick. At one point, we both had lost our voices - making for some very interesting lessons and contacts - Shouting at doors with our voice cracking halfway through the word, etc. Our Spanish is hard enough to understand without the nasal I have a cold sound. One of our investigators thought when we said 'prophet' that we said we were like slaves of God - Until the member clarified what we said. Evidently, it is close to another word.

     I have been working on asking better questions this week. My companion and I have very different styles of teaching, but we both decided to work on this.

     One question we have been asking is -Why do you think God gave you your family?

Love you all lots,
    Hermana Bowman