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Mollie #73 - Van Obispo, Chile - Countryside and Lake, Message for the Homeless

                                                                 March 31, 2014

Hey family,

      So its been a crazy week. We are looking for new investigators. My English class is going well. We currently have 20 students that attend regularly, plus others. Other than that we have been busy contacting.

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Salta de Salta de Laja

     I am going to have to pick up some new winter clothes. I threw mine all away last year. they had gotten really ratty practically in tatters. I only kept one sweater.
Campo with Hermana Bazan, My Companion, and Hermana Palma
Our weekly planning had a little side break when my companion decided she was fed up with her split ends. She just hacked and cut them off and said it was good. She has beautiful long thick Latina hair and couldn't see it very well. It didn't turn out quite even, but I fixed it for her. It looks much healthier now.

     Speaking about Latina hair, everyone has long hair here. When they are a baby if it doesn't come in thick, they shave the head or the spots where it isn't coming in thick. Afterward, it comes in even. I am not sure how it works or if it only works for them, but I have seen it work with lots of babies here. Just a heads up for you, Mich.

     Here we are with our little investigadorita. 

We had fun teaching. and then afterward she didn't want us to go, so she stole my companion's shoe and hid behind me to stave off her wrath. So funny!

     I went to the university this week (INacap) to do volunteer work speaking English with their students. They wanted them to listen to a native speaker. It was very strange to be at a university, because I felt like I didn't belong there (Me thinking I'm going to be signing up for classes said that I should be there) and it was odd to speak English. Still, I enjoyed myself and they gave us a free notebook and said to come back whenever we could.

I liked Alena's letter. New work - how fun is that? 
It is always good to spice things up.

    Fall is here and brought with it a brisk winter wind. I love the colors of the plants. My sector is middle class, and there are lots of beautiful trees and vines. I found this one while walking and told my companion we had to snap some shots. These are a grape relative. They grow really fast. We have them out front on the Hobb's fence.

Grapes Miniature - Super sweet- My favorite
    Sadly, homeless people are common here. As a missionary, it is important to recognize that there is not a charity organization in the church to take care of these people. It is our work as missionaries. Now we know the church promotes teaching people to learn to help themselves and not simply giving to the poor. For this reason we leave a card that says something like.

      If you want to change your life or would like help, you can find it (address of the church) with (name of bishop) on Sunday between 10-4. You may also call (number of the mission). We care about you, and God cares about you and wants to help you.
                        With care,
                          The missionaries

My companion and Me
Spiritual Thought

Don't doubt the prophets. General Conference is coming up. I was reading this week in 2 Nephi, and he is talking about the Isaiah's prophesies - how those who dismiss them, because they don't understand them, will regret it in the last days. 

The Law of the Land is gradually separating from the Law of God. We know one day the two will go against each other, and we will have to choose who we will follow. Perry said in the last General Conference.
     In recent decades the Church has largely been spared the terrible misunderstandings and persecutions experienced by the early Saints. It will not always be so. The world is moving away from the Lord faster and farther than ever before. The adversary has been loosed upon the earth. We watch, hear, read, study, and share the words of prophets to be forewarned and protected.}
no more need be said

Signing up for BYU classes tomorrow.

                       Love you all lots.
                         Hermana Bowman

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  1. Happy Birthday Sister Mollie Bowman. From All of Us. We Love You.
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