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Mollie #76 - Padres Las Casas, Chile - A Love Story, My Birthday!

                                         April 21, 2014

San Ramon a Campo -  part of our sector- hunting down a reference we received
Hey all,
     These cuties here have a fantastic little love story that I want to share with you, Mimi (Michele). When Yuri the girl was sharing this story with us, she had one hand holding his under the table while the other was subconsciously swirling curls in her hair.

Yuri and Sergio are university students in Temuco. 
They are studying Nutricion.
     The first time she saw him, he was wearing jeans and a long dark draping down- to-the-knee coat that smelled of cigarette smoke. He had long hair that hung past his shoulders and covered and hid his face.

The first thing she thought is that he was beautiful and caring, and she wanted to give him a hug. It is in fact the first thing that she said to him when she first saw him.

Would you mind if I gave you a hug every time I see you? 
He said he wouldn´t mind and she gave him a hug.

Yuri: I just had this feeling in my heart and when I feel something like that I just have to follow it.

 Hermana Paiva (My companion of the day) - I´ve heard that you changed a lot. This last week at church you gave your testimony... that afternoon we had lunch with Hermano Sepulveda, and he was talking about how pure your faith is and how much you have changed. I´ve only really known the Saintly Sergio, (she said to me.)

Sergio-Yeah, I've changed a lot (he looked at Yuri)
Yuri- When I first knew Sergio he was alone and sad. That is one of the reasons I invited him to church with me.

Sergio- I have learned to have a lot more hope in my life, more purpose and direction.

Me- You quit smoking and changed and decided that you wanted to follow Christ?
Sergio: I believed in Christ before. I just didn´t understand about the atonement.

Yuri: I really think that God gave me this perspective of him. From the first time I saw him, I could just see how caring he was and could see what he could become.

Loved it. You had to be there, but they were super cute.
The other hermanas got up at 6 am to make me a crepe breakfast and this little poster.
 23 years old - Boy, am I getting old

Other than that it was a nice normal day.

Correlation for Obra Missional looks really productive.
Notice the brother being strangled in the back.

You can see that we are distant Argentine relatives, no?

There are dogs everywhere here too.

San Ramon a Campo
One of my favorite plants here in Chile spans three walls of the house
These are the perilous stairs in our house that I have fallen down several times, because they are only half the size of my foot!
Intercambio with Hermana Peiva. She is a sweety from Argentina.  

Kind of really love this street of triangle houses. This is where Elisabeth lives.

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  1. Enjoyed Sergio & Yuri's love story and the cute purple birthday poster, love our Sister Mollie Bowman!