Saturday, October 5, 2013

Riley #36 - Lomita, CA - Bhuddhists, New Elder Coming, Zone Conference

                                             October 1
Hi Everyone, 

     Sorry, once again I don't have much time. I haven't received the box yet, but should get it this week. We had a tour today at the Visitor's Center which took several hours.

     The Word Buddhist Leadership Youth, or something like that, had a conference a few days ago and came for a tour at the Visitor Center. There were a few Chinese speakers from Taiwan, but also from Japan, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. They seemed to enjoy it and were very nice. Elder Shakespeare, the Visitor's Center director, did a question and answer afterward, and I was impressed at how he handled the question.

     Our English class is struggling at getting new people there. There are a few new people who are coming, but not enough for it to really be effective. We are trying to think of new ways to advertise and reach Chinese people. In other words no change. That has been our goal my entire mission and will no doubt continue to be. You can pray to help us find more people.

    We have several people we are teaching right now, but no baptisms yet. The new transfer starts tomorrow. There isn't much changes in our area, except that we will be training a new elder in a week and Elder Bergeson is district leader. Elder Kuo is still our zone leader, but was moved to English with a new zone leader. So now we have two zone leaders like a normal zone. The new zone leader is also the new district leader for ASL, which is weird especially since he doesn't seem to know ASL.

     We had zone conference this past week. Elder Richards of the Seventy came and spake to us. He talked a lot about faith and how it translates in to our action. Also, he talked about four cornerstones of what we teach: Jesus Christ, the First Vision, the Book of Mormon, and Priesthood keys. It certainly gave us something to work on.

              Elder Bowman


  1. Was this elder Kent Richards? He is Matt's (and now Michele's) first cousin once removed.

  2. Wow! I think it was! I'll ask Riley when I write him. Is he your cousin or Ralph's? :)