Monday, September 2, 2013

Riley #32 - Lomita, CA - International Zone, New Chinese Elder

                                                  August 26, 2013


    I am sorry to hear about Sister Chamberlain, but I am glad her family got to be with her before she passed. Is Brother Chamberlain going to move in with one of his children? Thank you for letting me know.  

   I received the DearElder for Nick (Missionary in Germany) and Statler (Missionary in Ghana). Thanks for passing on Michele and Mollie's blog and email. What classes is Jake taking? I attached pictures of the apartment since you have been asking. 

       I don't think I have much time, so I will have to make it brief. We had our first zone meeting last Friday in the newly created International Zone. Elder Kuo is going to be the solo zone leader, at least for now. He also is the district leader for the Chinese program, training, and in charge of all the English classes in the mission as well as trying to set up the group. He must be ridiculously busy. 

    The International zone contains the ASL, Chinese, Korean, Samoan and Tongan missionaries. The Samoan missionaries are a new companionship as our mission received our first native Samoan this past Wednesday. 

     We also got to meet the new Chinese elder. His name is Elder Yang and is being trained by Elder Casey and Kuo. He is from Taiwan, but has lived in Utah the last year and a half. His father does translation for the church and sounds like one of the best. He does the translation for President Monson in Conference. He actually wanted to learn how to teach English in college and had it as his major. 

       I didn't get any pictures with him yet, but will try to get some for next week. Our districts are each specific to our language so all the Chinese are in one district. It makes it pretty small, but we also are able to do district meeting in Chinese, which probably won't happen for now.

              Elder Bowman