Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mollie #46 - La Marina, Chile - New Companion, My Map

                                                   September 9

Hi Family,
   Wow! What a  crazy flood! It's always so dry there, it's kind of hard to imagine where that water is coming from. 

Tell hi to everyone for me. I love seeing them in the photos you send.

Way to go Donnie with his first talk. Jake, don´t underutilize the chem lab! I love you lots.

Reading about your life Sis, I feel like there should be a Mich poem

 ...She was working in a cafeteria at BYU
Till she married Matt and moved to Princeton with a baby too
Where was she to go, What´s she to do
not sit on her fanny
but be a nanny ...

Love you, Mich! Hope you´re enjoying nannying.

   So my companion is leaving. The thing I learned most from her is about asking good questions and never leaving anyone behind.

    We contact everyone in the streets but often I don´t think it prudent to visit all of them. Some of them I just don´t think want to listen. But she gives everyone a chance, and we have found some good investigators that way.
She is also very good at asking questions. 

     Like when we were contacting a man the other day, and he was babbling on about how he didn´t believe in the devil . "People are devils!" he said. My companion asked him, "Do you want to be a devil?" very cool and calmly. It made him stop and think, at least. She was looking into his eyes. Questioning to get people to stop and think is something I need to improve a lot with.

     We met a different type of investigator the other day. When we met him, he had a Preach my Gospel in his hand marked up!

    He approached us and asked, "What is the name of our Heavenly Mother?  President Hinckley in the year 2000 and something ish said that there is a Heavenly Mother. What is her name?"

     Then he went on to say he prays, but doesn´t feel anything. I will be seeing him tomorrow. We will see if he read and prayed what we asked him to.

    So I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. My companion is going south to Lebu or the most southern section. Right now we are in pretty much in the most northern section.

My new companion will be Hermana Martinez. She is from Argentina, and I´ve heard she speaks with a very strong Argentine ' shh' accent. That's all I know about her for now.

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   Other things that happened this week - lots! I did get my box, sort of. It's here, but I have to go pick it up in the office. 

Helping with the Church's Flag

There is a law in Chile that for the 18 of September everyone must have a flag out. If you don´t have a flag, you can get fined.  Hence flags are popping up all over the place... everywhere!

Flag prep for Independence week here in Chile

Decorations for Ivonne's Birthday Party -The leader of JAS or YSA (Young Single Adults) here.
     This is the map I drew of the sector all the part north is water and swamp I would take a picture there but its not safe. I might try anyways in the morning one day It´s beautiful. The gold triangles are the active members silver are some of the less actives or inactives. It's a work in progress.

Love you all lots!
     Hermana Bowman