Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mollie #45 - La Marina, Chile - Moving a Roof, Independence Day, The Cueca

                                                September 2

Hey all,

   So I have pictures this week! They are from my companion's camera, because I am afraid to carry mine around. We will see what I can do about taking them with mine.

   This first picture is of me and my companion in the house of a recent convert, Alejandro. He is wonderful. He often accompanies us on visits. He has a big family  - three sons and their girlfriends all of which came to Family Home Evening.  Only one of his sons is a member, and he is inactive. This is one family that we are working with.

   They are fun and were telling us stories about how once when they were playing Truth or Dare, someone dared someone to move the roof - and they moved the entire roof of the house. Yep! Never leave three boys alone in a new empty house.

We made chocolate krispie treats for some members of the ward and because my companion studied art history,  I posed as Dionysus with the grapes - but with chocolate krispies balls. She thought it was hilarious and pulled out her camera on me.

Being Dionysus with chocolate krispies balls

    Everyone is prepping for Independence Day here in Chile, which I think is the 18th of September. I am not sure to be honest, because it is a celebration for an entire week. Everyone is talking about different celebrations on the different days.

      The church is doing something, too. One part that I love is that they dance the Cueca. I am not sure how to spell it but you say it  - "Quick-a." It is the national dance, and it is very entertaining. I have seen it once in the talent show they had here my first week. They say you gain 4 kilos from celebrating, so we will see how this turns out.

     These photos are of us with costumes at the Bishop's house. His wife came downstairs, so the family could pick out different costumes, and they decided we needed to look a little more Chilean :)

As for your other questions:
1. No, I haven´t got the box yet. I will try and take a foto of my map.
2. Choir went okay we had like 3 people which isn´t bad - But I would rather it be ward run, so I am trying to pass it on to someone else.
3. It's always good to pray for my language and understanding skills. Sometimes my companion and I just don´t catch onto things very well.

Say Hi to Nathan.

 Jake you need a planner si or si. I know you can do this if you plan it well, but you must plan. My friends and I always say that organization is what determines good grades more than if your smart or not. These people are here to help you. Make sure that you really know your TA and go to their office hours or the TA lab once a week minimum to check your work... And that you get enough sleep!

Have fun at PF Changs. How cool - a finders fee.
Say 'Hi' to everyone for me!

   Thanks for Donnie's photo. I miss Donnie, too. There just aren´t others like him. We don´t have a single deacon or teacher here in the ward. I really miss them. They are really important. I am really looking at finding them, whether they are inactive or investigators. 

    Here is a game I've played down here - 'Two Lies and a Truth' is played with a glass of water. Which is a lie? Which is a truth? Those who guess the lies get a spoonful of water to the face.
There is one truth. Everything else is lies, and it is important to find the truth whenever you can.
Mich - Love your blog. Your are great with that camera of yours. Hope work is going well. Keep posting. Very cute Mich. 8 months and all I have are pictures! I definitely have to visit when I get home. 

                                      Love you all lots!
                             Your Sis

PS - btw, I would like a ruler - hole punch. They don´t have hole punches here. It drives me mad.

                                        Love you all lots!

                                             Hermana Bowman