Saturday, April 5, 2014

Riley #59 - Getting Great Results, Transfers - I'm moving to Inglewood - English! Biking!

                                              March 17, 2014

Hey Everyone,

       Thanks for the blog post and letter from Mollie. Sounds like she is still pretty crazy.

      I didn't feel an earthquake this morning, probably too far south. Elder Casey felt it though. He said it was really loud and lasted about a minute.

      This week was pretty great; we were able to meet a new family. They seem pretty awesome and are really nice. 

       The transfer ends Tuesday. The area has really grown this past transfer. At the beginning, it had just started and it seemed like the two companionships in the Branch weren't doing much more than one had. However, now we are working much more independent from one another. We are two areas that can do twice as much as before. 

       Transfers also shook some things up. We have the tenth and final Chinese elder coming in bringing the total to 10. His name is Elder Cooper, and he should be here in a week or so. Elder Casey is going to be training as well as be the new district leader.

     I am going to be moving to an English area in the city of Inglewood. I also will be biking. Inglewood is a lot different than Palos Verdes, so I am not quite sure what to expect. I will be going there tomorrow morning. It is a little sad to be out of the Chinese program, but hopefully I can come back in a transfer or two.

     By the way, can you go on  my Facebook and change the profile and heading pictures to mission photos and like the LAEnglish Facebook page? Thanks.

  Here are some pictures I never sent you from Chinese New Years and my birthday.


             Elder Bowman

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  1. Aw, Elder Bowman got to be a lion dancer! Too cool!