Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mollie #6 - MTC Mayhem Continues

                                                                         January 15, 2013

Hey all,

So, time here at the MTC has been fun .

You would never guess what happened again today. The fire alarm went off for a second time. We all piled outside to the gym. And, this time I remembered to bring a pillow and blanket.

I still don't know exactly what happened, but evidently it is a legitimate concern.

We have been banned from the elevators, on threat of having to talk to the mission president if we disobey.

And for some more fun, we have been partying it up here at the MTC. It was Hermana Porter's birthday yesterday. Her mom sent her a party in three boxes including a homemade angel food cake. She says that is the only thing her mom knows how to make which I think is fantastic, because it is, of course, the one thing I always always fail at making.

One of these pictures is of our district- the one with eight of us.

My companion - Hermana Ferrel - is the white blonde standing next to me. The blonde is Hermana Porter, and the brunettte is Hermana Peck.

The guys are (left to right) Elder Mitchell, Clark, Flitton, and Bench.
Elder Mitchell is the one that smirks in the corner, and then says something that blows your mind.
Elder Clark is the responsible leadership type.
Elder Flitton says stuff occasionaly like "how in the world did you connect those thoughts- that was fanastic!" 

Elder Bench is just solid - a really great person - really he is a sweetheart. He lost his mom last year and doesn't get very many letters. But he wants to share the gospel with others because of how much his family, the gospel, and the plan of salvation mean to him.

These are the people I spend 10- 12 hours a day with my district!

Other things that happened this week, I fell in love with my new teachers!

It is funny how much you can grow to love someone when you spend 4 hours a day with them. Hermana Doxey knows the scriptures backwards and forwards. It is amazing how she pulls things from the scriptures, like you pull recipes from a box.

Elder Byrd, my other teacher, is really good at connecting and offering up parts of himself for others. I really like him, and how he finds a way to tie the gospel to others lives.

Thanks for the flowers and the letters from the others! I just love them!

Lots of love,