Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Before Riley's Dropoff at the MTC

After a busy week with lots of family and friends, Riley received a blessing from the Stake President and went through the temple on the night before he left. He was grateful to have his friend, Nathan, come and sleepover, and had friends, like Russell, see him off just before he left. Jake had to say his goodbye early, since he had to attend school.

We fed him at the BYU area Kneaders, where Michele and Baby Madeleine joined us. We found there were many other missionary family and friends there. One girl had returned from his very mission a year ago, but said she knew of no Mandarin-speaking missionaries when she served there. She told him a little about his mission president and his wife and said she was convinced it was the very best place to go. Riley was very happy and excited to go. With hugs and tears, we went through the MTC line and said our goodbyes turning him over to a young missionary that was his guide. Here are some photos of our morning with him.

If you want to see what it's like at the MTC, click the link on the right ~ "5 Videoclips: Inside the MTC"