Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mollie #5 - MTC Construction

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                                                                            January 8, 2012

Hey all,

I have a lot to talk about and not much time, so I will be sending a letter in the mail; look for it. Speaking of the mail, did you guys get my new drivers license?

Since you guys are coming tomorrow send Riley with some socks for me. I only have three pair, and we can't buy any here. Riley- Vasha says that you will almost definitely be one of her underlings. I see her all the time, so expect me to hunt you down during meal times. I am unable to send pictures even with the USB adapter. Evidently, there is a different type of adapter you need to use at the MTC.

 Anyway, there may be a picture of me in the paper, a camera man was here at the MTC taking pictures for an article. Probably because of all the changes going on. It is P-day for us, and we were resting between laundry- needlessly to say we looked a mess. And, I am not even with my companion (in the picture). We were on splits because of piano practice.

(Here is a link to the story she mentioned. She was not included in the photos.)

So, evidently there will be 4,500 missionaries housed here soon. My non-companion and I were casually eavesdropping between laundry. They have taken organization to a new high. For example, the cafeteria can only house 1,000 people. So, each missionary will need to cycle in and out of the cafeteria in 26 minutes in order to adapt.

They are also making other accommodations, like sack meals, opening new food areas, etc... Laundry, classrooms, and many other changes have to be made. It is kind of exciting to be here during all of the changes. Construction is going on all of the time. The last two floors of our building used to be all classrooms, but currently it is in looks like storage unit. All of the rooms are being changed into bedrooms. Showers and beds and cabinetry litter the ground and are being installed left and right at all hours of the day. Last night, the fire alarm went off at 4:00 in the morning. I'll write more about that later.

We have switched teachers recently due to the new semester starting at BYU.  They are great teachers, but they are just not the fantastic teachers I had before. Still, I think I will learn a lot from them.  I wanted to give a gift to Hermano Rodriguez before he left us. Isn't it funny how when someone teaches and serves you so well, you want to somehow give them something in return? I applied this to God and Christ, and I found a new reason to serve a mission. God has given us his son, his teachings, this earth to walk upon, our families, and many other blessings. My mission is only one way of giving back. A way to return something to someone who has served me so well.

Thank you soooo much for the cupcakes, and the letters. And, thank my cousins for the letters- if they aren't already gone. Yeah, my rooms a mess. Please send me pictures of everyone. Especially those that we had taken right before I left. I need a family picture to explain who you lot are to the others.

The other day we were teaching members in Spanish. It was fun. I got to talk to an old military veteran who had served several missions. He had some great stories.

Sorry out of time,

                                                     Lots of love (especially to my Madeline),