Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mollie #8 - The Flu and Overly Dramatic Girls

                            January 22, 2013

Dear Family,

    So, a lot has happened since last week. So after I got sick, everyone got sick, and they were not sick with a cold. It was some sort of virus. (~norovirus)   I would say that 40% of the people at the MTC caught it. In our district of 8 - three caught the bug.

   People were sick and throwing up all over the place. At night there always seemed to be someone sick in the bathroom. It was more prevalent among the boys.  One elder shared with me the following story about when he started feeling sick.

   Evidently, as his roomies were praying for him to feel better, he felt sick and ended up vomiting in the middle of the prayer. The other boys told me it was the fastest they've ever got off their knees.

    The virus only lasted about 5 days. I think it might have been something related to the food. My companion and I never caught it; And, we never eat the main dish at meals. (Honestly, they're not very good.) We are soup, salad, cereal, wrap sandwich people.

   Anyways, there was a certain time when it was really bad at the beginning. People were dropping left and right, like moths near a lightbulb.

    The other two sisters in my district watched everyone dropping and became afraid and kind of....(okay, really!) DrAmAtIc!  Some of the girl were honestly scared.  I was almost sympathetic towards their drama...almost. I tried honestly.

   My description of the situation is pretty much exactly what happened. Our district leader defaults to Moroni 10 or 1 Nephi. Strangely enough, we swap between crazy all-over-the-place to serious  scripture study in about  five minutes.
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   Anyway, that was most of The Sick MTC Story. People being ill. People being quarantined. People being taken to the hospital. People being overly-dramatic, etc.
Lots of Love,