Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Riley #37 - Last week's photos, Conference, Family History

                                                        October 7, 2013
Dear Family,

 About the pictures last time, the first was a plate of lobster. One of our English class students took us out to lunch and ordered it for us. It was the first time I have had lobster.

     The second one was of us and the Korean Elders -  Elder Jenkins and Elder Craner. Elder Craner just had his birthday and his parents gave him money to take us out to dinner.

     The third picture is of the Visitor Center sisters doing a presentation of the church to the Buddhist monks and nuns that came. The last, of course is our picture with them.
      Thanks for the package. I remember you telling me that I was going to get it. The cookbook looks interesting. I am not sure if I am going to use it, but I may make the recipes you gave me material for. 

    Conference went well here as well. Members provided lunch for the missionaries after the morning sessions. We watched the Saturday afternoon session with an investigator in Chinese. Naturally, I didn't understand most of it, including Elder Holland's talk that you liked. I'll have to read it to thoroughly understand it.

     We advertised for the Family History activity this week. We hope it will go well, but don't really know the details of what it is going to be like. Our Branch President's name is on the flyers as he is pretty well known in the Chinese community. He said he has had people talk to him about it already. Hopefully, that means they will come.
     Also can you get Sam Beck's email? I would like the email address of one of the Chinese missionaries in Oakland mission. There was one by the last name of Siegmiller I think. He was at the MTC with me.

                       Sorry it's so short,
                  Elder Bowman