Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mollie #48 - La Marina, Chile - Lots of Photos from Independence Day

                                     September 23

Dear Family,

   We had a great time with our Independence Day celebration - more from 18 people came.
It was a fairly successful event.  We had a lot of inactive people, several members there, but only one investigator.

La Cuerca

Jordan and Me - He is a ward missionary.

Me and Hermana Martinez with Jorge dressed in traditional outfit of a guaso

Hermana Martinez eating empanadas

     Here we are with our kites.
Hermanas Vanegas, Hermana Martinez, my companion,
and me and a hermana de Los Huertos - other ward.

So these past few days were a lot of fun we did loads of stuff flew kites in the park and contacted a ton in the street like 200 contacts for the week. And I ate more meat this week then I have in my whole life. I probably ate 15 empanadas this week and these things aren´t small!

Mote y Huesillo - a traditional dessert for Independence Day in Chile
Lots of news from you guys - Wow a girl! Congrats to Maggie. Congrats to Kristen, too. Thank Hermana Burgess for the girl's camp letter. Oh, and I DID get the DearElders you sent.

                 Love you guys,