Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mollie #49 - A Very Flighty Sector, Choir, World of Influence

                                 September 30


    Sorry. Only one photo this week. I have to be careful taking that no one sees my camera, and I didn't have a good time to take any. On that note...

  We had the zone leaders come and visit we had to make sure they learned the rules about working in a "Very Flighty" sector¨:

1. Don't contact people hovering in the corners, not doing anything, especially if there's a group of them with a plastic bag and white stuff in it

2. Greet everyone in the streets with 'Hi' or 'How are you.' If you're knocking on a door, always offer to do service.
     -  It is the right thing to do 
     -  Our reputation on the street as "good people" is part of what protects us

3. Never contact small groups of young single adults that are sitting in the park doing nothing

4. Don´t go to unlit streets after dark, and always walk with purpose after dark. 

5. Don´t talk with people who can´t walk in a straight line

I mean really -sometimes this amuses me - a straight line?  We are always looking for new investigators. 

My choir is going really well. I had seven people this last Sunday.
Not a lot for Utah, but for here it's a great number. 

I was thinking the other day about how right now my life consists of working with seven groups of people: my companion, the leaders,  the bishopric, the ward, the recent converts, the inactives, and the investigators, and (family when they write me). 

Each group of people has their own mission or purpose.  Some peope in the the groups are more independent than others. Some need more time and attention, but even with the differences, I know my part is to help each person be happier by helping them meet the goals they have for their life and for eternity. Helping and loving one another is what we are commanded to do by Christ.

I've been pondering these questions and really reflecting on what I can do or say each time I'm with someone.

What sort of impact am I leaving on them? Is my impact positive negative or neutral? How can I be a stronger influence of good or (in other words) God?

Well, I'm out of time already...

- Love your blog, Mich.

She is standing and becoming a person. Well that's an improvement. This green cape thing, it's  really pretty. I want one. Love you lots. Your sis...

                              Love you all lots,

                                         Hermana Bowman