Monday, October 21, 2013

Mollie #51 - Fun Photos, Sister Ashby's Advice

                                                      October 14 

      So I have no time this week. We have been knocking lots of doors and hunting for new people. The days are getting hotter and hotter as we run into summer. We are good companions and have a good time serving together.

Me with my hippie Michael Jackson hair ( the hair of Hermana Vanegas)
     We have better relations with the ward, but as we get to know them all of the problems in the ward become apparent. Mind you the ward is not really our responsibility. The new members, inactives, and investigators are our responsibility,  but our bishop is ill and stressed and we are always looking for ways to help and support him.

Me and my sleeping bag - BFF`s for life
     Recently, I have been thinking about a story Sister Ashby once told me. Sister Ashby is one of those people that in general gets along really well with people, but sometimes people have treated her really badly. She has one of those strong personalities that at times clashes with others. 

     I remember her telling us a story once of a time when she was confronted by someone full of anger towards her. This person spat angry and hurtful words towards Sister Ashby for more than 10 minutes. At the end of the rant, Sister Ashby said to her "Nothing but love, I have nothing but love for you. If you need something I am here for you.¨

     This story has strengthened me a lot on my mission as I face all of the hurtful things that are said between members, (or the people in the street) I try to emulate Sister Ashby´s approach of nothing but love. Perhaps it is a little silly or a little hippie. But I am a little hippie. But then again even as Christ was being crucified he said to his father forgive them for they know not what they do. 

     Should we not try to emulate this in our action with others. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

Mich - You're  looking skinnier.  Love the yellow and the expressions. I think she looks more like me than you.
lots of love
your sis

Love you all,

        Hermana Bowman