Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Riley #38 - Elder Burr, Family History Activity

                            October 14, 2013

       Thanks for the pictures. I haven't haven't tried the recipes yet. Even though I have the ingredients, they still take a long time to make - like 20 mins at least.

    Good to hear Brian's back,. It had been awhile since I last heard about him. I'm glad he made into BYU - Provo. Be sure to let me know what he says at his homecoming on Sunday. He had been moved around in his mission, so I'm sure there's a lot that happened. I bet he has a lot of things to get used to again.

Elder Burr - I had a class with his sister at BYU.
    Elder Burr came last Wednesday. He is great, a lot of fun and willing to work. His Chinese is a lot better than mine was when I first came out, and he is learning fast. His mom actually is the Chinese teacher at Lone Peak and his sister, Tori, was in my Chinese class at BYU.  It is a lot of fun having a new missionary around. Elder Bergeson will go home in 3 or 4 weeks, so Elder Burr is his replacement.

    We had our Family History activity last Saturday. The presentations were excellent, but the turn out was somewhat lacking. We had only three nonmembers come, but only a few members as well. We were hoping for a lot more people with all the advertising we did. It was disappointing. We are re-evaluating what we can do to reach out and stay in contact with people.  Family history is important, so I was hoping that they'd understand and come.

Sorry this is short.

                          Love you,
                                 Elder Bowman