Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mollie #50 - A Fun and Funny Lesson, Cooking

                                                        October 7 

Hey all!

Thanks for all the letters! So much is going on there. Good to hear about everything.

General Conference sounds like it was a lot of fun.

Sister Missionaries at General Conference

During Conference
I had what I believe to be one of the funnest and funniest lessons, I have ever had in the mission.

   My companion and I went to visit an inactive recent convert named Lili. She is a YSA (Young Single Adult), so we invited one of the YSA from the ward to come with us to visit named Ivonne.

    We told Ivonne we were going to share a lesson and say some things that might encourage her to come back and to invite her to a movie night that would show the Book of Mormon animated.

    We were waiting outside of Lili´s house when Ivonne arrived. She dressed for the occasion - wearing black pants and a zebra patterned shirt with a big pink scarf and large sunglasses. She strolled down the street when two other YSA women that we have from the ward joined us. They had heard of our visit from Ivonne and planned on coming, too.  All were equally dressed with giant sunglasses. It reminded me of something off of the Disney channel. Laughing and chatting back like only best friends can, they entered the house with us.

After that they immediately went to teaching the lesson - teaching their lesson.
(We always do, so this was surprising to us!)

My companion and I could only grin behind our hands as these three
bounced their conversation around faster than a ping pong ball.


Ivonne - (Pressing her hands down)- Lili, we have an invitation for you.

Fabiola - Yeah you have to come.

Ivonne - Now really Lili we are going to have a movie night tomorrow.
 We are going to watch an animated version of the Book of Mormon.

Alexandra (Piggy) - Its like cartoons which is good because I like don´t understand the Book of Mormon, and this is easier.

Fabiola - Yeah we know, Piggy, but we love you anyways. Anyway that´s the point, so that we can get it fully. (cachai ;) )

Lili - Animated is great. I'm not very good at reading.

Ivonne - Exactly, so you're going to come right?

Fabiola - Of course, she´s going to come. Anyway, we have another invitation for you. You are not working, right?

Alexandra - Right. So there is a work conference that the church is doing Monday and we can all go together. (It is a service project - not a work conference :D).

Lili - But isn´t it like really far?

Fabiola - It's where the stake is which isn´t too far -  is it Piggy?

Alexandra - No

Ivonne - Alright, if we have to we can leave at like noon to get there at 3 (it's like a 20 minute walk)
Anyway, we know that if we do our part, God will give us blessings. And we need work, so maybe if we go to the work conference God will give us work and blessings. Maybe not great work, not the work we want, but something.

Fabiola -  We really have missed you, Lili and you have lots of people who love you. 

Alexandra  (smiling) - Yeah, like Cristoval is always asking about you.

Lili (smiling)-  Yeah, I remember him.

Ivonne - Anyway,  we are going to swing by at like 3 tomorrow to watch the videos.

Lili -Yeah, sounds good.

              ...Then they stared at us like they expected us to add something.

Me: "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Then we said goodbye and left.

     Loved this lesson. It made me laugh and laugh and laugh - and yet they did what we intended to.
     Lili knows she is loved and missed and was invited to not one, but two church activities.
     They did a good job, too, because she is planning to come.

Still enjoying the box.

Cooking Brownies from the box

Cooking Brownies and More Brownies

Cooking with and for the Youth

                                      Love and miss you all,

                               Hermana Bowman

PS Yes, choir music would be nice - something simple like 'O Holy Night' would be good. There are very few men so keep that in mind. I had twelve people in choir the other day which is a record. Now I just have to find someone to lead!