Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mollie #38 - Angol, Chile - Comics, Hermana Chavez, Repentence/Integrity

                                                                                          July 15, 2013
Hey all,

   So, you all are going to need to write me a little early hopefully the day before or something like that so that I can get your letters before I write you, but don´t worry too much about it this week. 

Lot of things happened this week...

Anyway, here is something weird that happened in comic form. One day we had eight drunk men individually approach and talk to us. Usually we get about two in a week, but this day we got eight! I know because I counted them.

The next day we happened to talk to this man who only worships women...he was kind of creepy. 

But, hey this is part of the art of contacting and looking for people to teach. We get hippies, gypsies, atheists, drunks, and every type of face - really- passing our way. It has given me a new perspective about people and the faces we share with others.
"I only worship women."
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Goals vs. Reality (Click to Enlarge)

    So we have a new sister in the house her name is Hermana Chavez. She is twenty  - a sweet, patient, and silly soul from Peru. Her Spanish is beautiful, and she speaks and constructs what she says very cleanly. She is always understood. It is something I would one day like to have.

     We shared our Wednesday night doing silly things and getting to know each other, like playing with this hairpiece that she inherited from her ¨mommy¨of the mission. What do you think? I am not sure long, dark hair suits me.

     I have been reading a bit through Jesus the Christ. A fantastic book that is almost scripture. It is a slow read but very good. It makes me think about a lot of different things, such as conviction. Do I practice what I teach? How does this play into integrity?

     Many people say that they believe things but don´t show it in their actions. It is like the people that only say I repent and believe that this is repentance. But repentance is truly a change, forcing yourself to go in a different direction, so that you can progress as a person. If we say we believe something we need to be able to match it to an action; if not, it is not true belief. We are not saved if we only say so. We must work out our salvation.

So I invite you to go to work -  to up your integrity level. 

 Lots of love,
           Hermana Bowman