Saturday, July 6, 2013

Riley #24 - Lomita, CA - President Weidman, Plans for Expansion, Previous Companion

                                 July 1

Hi Everyone!

    This week our new mission president arrived. President Weidman and his wife arrived in LA Thursday and spoke to us on Friday. A member told us President Weidman has his own page on Wikipedia so you can look him up. I think his first name is David, and he is the former CEO of a company.

      It is somewhat odd having a new mission president, because we are not sure if the old mission president's policies remain in place. For example, President Baker had us run every morning, but is that still a policy Pres. Weidman will uphold?

President Weidman and his wife arrived. President Baker and his wife have left.
     The meeting Friday cleared up some of the questions. President Weidman also talked to the Chinese missionaries briefly after the meeting. He told us that he was interested in expanding the current Chinese program in the mission. He talked with us a little about what we had been doing and some of the things we haven't quite figured out yet. From what we talked about, it sounds like he will be ready to help us use some of the resources we have that we haven't quite been able to use. We all have high hopes.
     This past Sunday, the Chinese missionaries presented a few brief messages for the fifth Sunday. Elder Casey and I shared ours together. It went all right. Our Chinese isn't very good still, so it was a little bit of a struggle, but the Branch was very patient and supportive. They are a great help when it comes to learning Chinese. When they didn't understand something I would say, they would clarify for me.

     I also had a chance to talk to Elder Smith this week, one of my previous companions from the MTC who is serving in Arcadia. He gave us a call to let us know about a Chinese member who doesn't speak English moving into our mission. We didn't talk long, but it was surprise to hear from him.

Michele, tell me about your new place in New Jersey.

              Elder Bowman