Saturday, July 13, 2013

Riley # 25 - Lomita, CA - 4th of July, Looking like a Girl, Catfish

North Torrance

        July 9, 2013
Hi Everyone,

      It is transfers this week, so Pday is Tuesday. There hasn't been a change with us. The Chinese elders are all staying just as they are.

     It is great to hear that you are making progress with the Family History. We are planning a fireside in the Branch for September in which the focus will be Family History. I still don't really know how much the church has for Chinese as far as family history, but we should be able to help somehow. We haven't really tried seeing if there is much of an interest in it, but I think there definitely would be for some people.

    My Fourth of July was pretty fun. We had to be home by seven, so it was somewhat of a shorter day for us. We helped out all day at the Ranch Palos Verdes Independence Day celebration held by the city. We helped out at some booths and with the activities they held. It was good to do some service, and we got to eat some pie from the pie eating contest.

     In other news, a Chinese woman said I look like a girl! I am still a little confused. 

    I was at church in Santa Monica talking to another Chinese member, and she just walked up to me, said it, laughed, and walked away. I had never even met her before. To be fair, a better translation would probably be "You have delicate features like a girl," which I am not sure is all that much better. I am trying not to take it to heart. She turned out to be really nice and told me I can call her to practice my Chinese, which is a big help as I am terrible at understanding Chinese especially on the phone.

     Also, I bought a catfish last week and tried to cook it with little success. In other words, my companion sat on the sofa laughing as I tried to salvage edible pieces off the bottom of the pan. No matter what I did the flesh would always stick to the pan. I remember you cooking catfish in Florida which tasted great. Do you have any advice? Also, if the Father would like to share how to make curry, I could give it a try one night.

     I haven't seen the new mission president since last I saw him so not much to tell from personal experience. He seems very involved in our work and seems to trust us all a lot. He is really helping us find a way to work on the college campuses. It has been an effective way of finding people for Chinese missionaries in other missions and has a lot of potential for us. We have SMC, UCLA, and potentially USC. We aren't sure about USC yet, because it is private, but the other schools should be fine.

     We are still looking for other options as well closer to the Branch. We still have a lot of things we are working on - a lot of half formed ideas which we hope we will eventually be able to use.

             Elder Bowman