Sunday, July 28, 2013

Riley - #27 - Lomita, CA - Palos Verdes Pennisula, Peacocks, and Seasons through Movie Posters

                                                                        July 29

Hi Everyone,

  The pictures I attached are on the Peninsula where most of the Branch lives.

(Click to Enlarge Photos)
     The Peninsula contains four cities, but usually we just call it Palos Verdes which is one of the cities there. As I mentioned in an earlier letter, the animal of Palos Verdes is the peacock, and they have them roam wild. These are a few pictures of some male peacocks, which are less common than the female. 

     By the way, it would be nice to read another of Mollie's emails; I haven't heard anything from her in awhile. 

     English class is growing. We had 14 people on Tuesday. There were only a few on Saturday because people went out of town, but we also had a new student as well. 

     We also had a few students come to the Pioneer Day activity on Saturday. 

     The website is being left as it is for now. A friend of our Branch Mission Leader, Eric Chen, agreed to help us make it, so he is going to make a separate site over the next couple months and then move it over to ours. It should be awesome. 

    Elder Hsiao and Casey are doing fine. I don't see them as often as I used to, but they have been working on UCLA's campus. This is Elder Hsiao's last transfer here. In about three weeks, he will return to Utah, and about 10 days after he gets back, he will start at BYU for the fall semester. We should be getting a new Chinese missionary when he leaves. It will certainly be different without Elder Hsiao here. 

     Speaking of changes, it actually rained hard enough for me to get wet. It has "rained" maybe 3 or 4 times since I have been here usually no more than a light drizzle. I still hope that will rain hard one day. It seems like the weather never really changes here and I miss the seasons. 

     The movie posters are the only real way to tell the passing seasons. We have had a recent change from Minions and Snails to Smurfs and I am still not sure what else. 

     Also, somewhat interesting, last Tuesday they had us come home a little early and told us to avoid being out late in areas where there are a high population of Black people due to recent riots over a court decision. It wasn't a problem for us, as most of the places we go would be safe, but some other missionaries have had to be careful about which places they go. 

     Last note before I go, make sure you are maintaining a $200 amount on my debit card. I am thinking about buying a voice recorder to help me learn Chinese, which would be a little more costly than usual purchases. 

               Elder Bowman