Sunday, July 21, 2013

Riley #26 - Lomita, CA - Baptism, Cooking Unprepared Fish, Finding People

                           July 15
Dear Family,

     I didn't take any interesting photos this week so I borrowed some from Elder Bergeson. The pictures are from a baptism in early June. The person being baptized is Michael who is next to me. He is back in China for the summer, but will be coming back in the fall for school. His baptism was right after transfers, so he had learned most of the lessons before I was in the companionship, but I got to be there for his baptism. He is about 6 months younger than me and is awesome. 

Thanks for the curry recipe, Father. It was more complicated than I thought I would be, but I might get around to trying it some time. 

    It is great that Russel was able to leave on his mission. It is a little later than he had hoped, but I know he will do great as a missionary. 

     As for Facebook, we are working on getting more photos. 

     Scaled fish sounds alright, but how do you cook catfish? I still have some left and would still like to know. Also, we bought it at the Chinese supermarket, where they have live fish in tanks and dead ones that aren't prepared at all. In those cases, I think it might take more than wrapping it in Saran Wrap with butter and a microwave.

     This week was the start of the new transfer and went fairly well for us. We still are holding off on going to USC, as we still need to clarify policy. We did stop by a couple other small colleges to see if they have potential. It looks like we are probably allowed on those campuses, but as far as finding Chinese people, we aren't sure if they are that helpful. 

     English class is going great. The class I taught Saturday had ten people in it. We also have someone working on our website. By the time it is done, it should be easier to find through online searches. Right now, it doesn't even show up if you search for it. We have some other ideas we are going to look into this week and have some members who offered to help us. 

        I have a few things I need to ask you for. First, I still need my insurance information. If you could email it I can print it out and carry it around. Also, I need to know the exact time I was born. Don't ask.  

    Last, I loved to get to see a picture of Jake.

             Elder Bowman