Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mollie #36 - Angol, Chile - Cat Funeral, Primary Talent Show, Slaven's Effect

                                July 1

Dear Family,

    We only have forty five minutes now to write every week. Some people were using more than the hour, so we've been cut back.

    Right now, I am in a different city, Los Angeles, with two other sisters Hermana Lopez and Rivera. They are both great.
Hermana Lopez
Hermana Rivera

     I love these two sisters even though I only spent a day with them. Hermana Lopez has a beautiful voice when speaking that invites people to listen. It is a gift I wish that I had.

A LOT has happened this week. Life as always is crazy. 

I can't send many pictures this week, because of the computer. 

     I bought a new pair of boots this week. The others started shedding the leather and looking hoboish, hence I needed a new pair. I went to this shop where all they sell is used boots. It`s a tiny store with these tables that are stacked high with right boots. You have to search through and find one that you like and then the owner Jorge (who is a Jehovah Witness) goes and hunts for the other. We were probably there for about an hour scrambling and scrimmaging for a pair of boots large enough to fit me with a good sole. Still I loved it. These old boots were from all over the world. I eventually settled on what I think are a pair of old military men's boots, but they might be for women it is hard to tell.

    Still they fit like a sock and don`t have to be broken in which is a blessing given all the walking I do every day.

     Other fun stories. The elders were telling me the other day about the cat funeral service they had to perform. While they were at lunch, some cat who had been playing with the engine of a car up and died. The family who loves and has like 15 cats went to see what was wrong and well... they found a dead cat. (I do feel bad for them - really.) Anyway, evidently the elder had to dig a grave and give a blessing for this cat in the rain. Still, I know they loved it. 

    We had a Primary talent show. I read and acted out a parable with my companion. The decorations were beautiful, but I couldn´t get pictures. There were balloon-flower creations strung together - hanging high in the gym with streamers. Everyone came and had a good time,and a lot of menos activos were there, too.

I am still working on my poncho I think I may be able to finish it next week, but I am not certain.

Hermana Garcia returned to her home today. This is why I am in Los Angeles. 

    Four people live in our house. There is my companion - Hermana Nelson, then also Hermana Garcia y Hermana Calsina. Hermana Garcia was my part-time companion - as in 1 or 2 days a week when our companions went to do exchanges with other companionships. They are kind of like women zone leaders. Anyway, Hermana Garcia went home. I am not sure why, but I think it is something that happened in her family. She said she would return to the mission as soon as possible. 

     Los Angeles is more of a city. Today, we went to this little spice shop, and I bought lots of things.
    One thing we have been working this week is unifying the ward. We held this Cine or Movie Night the other day. We cooked popcorn and kettle corn watched a movie and played games. It really helped. I think this past Sunday's attendance went up by 10.

     By the way, I have a new testimony of callings. Boy do we need every person! I miss half of the callings that we had at home. It would be fantastic to have a ward greeter or a Beehive secretary. I mean., no one greets the new people.
     And I found a 13 year old recent convert by knocking doors. She just got lost after loving the church. She didn't show up one week, and then never went back. No one did anything or really noticed, I guess. But if we had a Beehive secretary, there would be attendance, and people wouldn't get lost. EVERY CALLING IS SIGNIFICANT AND OH SO NEEDED. We don't have half the main callings, and everyone could even be helped by the smaller callings.
Spiritual Thought

    I have been thinking about influence - about what I write on other people souls. How do people feel when I am with them and when I leave them.  I want to achieve what I call the Slaven's Effect which is:

^`You never know what someone else is going through, so just try to make their day a little brighter.^

    I have been working on this. For example, I brought pancake mix and cooked it for the sisters here in Los Angeles this morning. Find moments to make peoples lives a little brighter., like giving away some of my flowers. 

Enjoy the heat it is winter here.

Lots of love,

      Hermana Bowman

PS I have been reading out of a small, green book called Member Missionary or something like that. It is great! If you can get Riley a copy or see if he has read it, I know it would help him out.  It is oriented to the American mindset, but there are a lot of things I can use here in Chile.