Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mollie #37 - Blueberry Pancakes, A Baptism, and Details of Slaven's Effect

                                                                July 9
Hi Everyone,

    I got the box. I have already used up most of the mixes. They were all great!. I especially loved the blueberry muffin mix. I made blueberry pancake stars for the fourth of July. Happy Birthday, Sister Jolley! Still young in the journey of eternal life. I hope you have a fantastic year.

 I loved hearing about Daddy´s shaved head last week. Funny how they made money that way. You should send me pictures. Still, how hard for the Utley family.

    Anyway, remember the guy I drew a profile of months ago? He was baptized this last week! Here are pictures of the baptism. He was so excited; he got the church almost an hour early. The good thing was we were also there.
     The bishop wasn´t in town. So his second counselor was in charge of the baptism. We have been banned from the font since the sisters flooded the chapel. Guido, the 2nd counselor, didn´t know that it takes almost three hours to fill the font. He left only an hour to fill the font. The water line was really low and the water was cold because both taps were on to fill the font faster. We ended up boiling pots of water and carrying them to the font so that the water was at least room temp. 

     It was crazy but the baptism was great. I really hope he will continue in the church and continue sharing the gospel with his children.

  About the Slaven's Effect - Slavens is a missionary from the MTC.  He told me this philosophy, and it stuck.

Sorry, I don't have much time today.

Lots of love,

         Hermana Bowman