Saturday, March 1, 2014

Riley # 52, 53, 54 - Lomita, UCLA, Lomita - Baptism and Transfer and Back

                                          January 27th 

Hey Everyone,

    I'm sorry - no time today. I will send pictures next week. Still alive, doing well, and enjoying the first 21 years of life. Let you know what we are so busy with next week. Thanks for the letters and thank the webs as well for the letters everyone sent.

                                             Elder Bowman

                                                   February 3, 2014
Hi guys,

    Sorry I didn't get a good letter last week. We left emailing kind of late and then had a call that took up a half hour of the time we planned to use emailing. Tell Bowman thanks for the card and money. We went out for burgers today with a couple of missionaries.

         The Chinese New Year activity went great. There were over 200 people there. The members really helped out and the performances were great. We had a lot of nonmembers we knew there as well as some we hadn't met yet. I wasn't actually able to take a lot of pictures, but some other people did so we will have to see if I can get them and send them to you.
     The members were great. We actually had a birthday cake with the person who invited us over for dinner on my birthday. They had the song "Happy Birthday" playing in the background during dinner, being sung over and over again in English and in Chinese. They are a great family and it was wonderful spending my birthday dinner there. 
    Even more exciting was the baptism this week. She was baptized by her husband. Her husband was just baptized last November. She started learning after his confirmation. It really is amazing to see them both join the church.

     They really have a strong testimony. They live about at least an hour away from the the church and have to work 12 hours a day, 6 days of the week. She had to go back to work immediately after the baptism, but they still don't complain. They are looking for a better job, but are happy they can be a part of the branch. 

     Transfers are tomorrow. I have been moved out of the Branch. It is a little strange packing. I have been in the Branch my whole mission and haven't really moved much. I have never really left an area before. It has been really wonderful serving in the Branch and in Palos Verdes. 
     I am going to be going to UCLA and the surrounding area. It is a very different place than Palos Verdes and Torrance. It is a little sad to leave the people here even though I won't be too far away. I can't help but wonder what will happen to them and if we will meet again. Still, I know the Elders here will look after them and it will be exciting working in a new area.
     Apart from all that, I'm doing great. We are still hard on the look out for investigators, but we seem a little more organized than before. There is still a lot to work on, but things look bright.

                               Elder Bowman
                               February 11

Hey everyone,

     It has been a crazy week. Our transfers changed on transfer day, so instead of going to UCLA, I was put in the USC area. I have spent the past week in that area. However, today it was changed again so it turns out I am going to be moving back down to Torrance and be in the Branch, but now with two companionships there. We were just told this as I was typing this email, so I am still a little confused about what is going on. I can't tell you about the area because I am not really sure what it is. 
     Have to go figure out what's going on.

               Elder Bowman