Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mollie #63 - Jan 20 - Conversion Stories - A boy on a bike, A sister who debated God's Existence

                                                    January 20, 2014 

Hey everyone,

     Sorry daddy. I wanted to write you your own letter, but I ran out of time. I have so many mission friends now. 

     This week was full of miracles. My 'little daughter' here I'm training in the mission is beautiful. She is a Cali girl with Mexican parents. So naturally she speaks Spanish and English perfectly. She comes from a family of five girls. They are all beautiful. She is patient with me, and we are learning and seeing handfuls of miracles everyday. 

Yo y Hermana Gallardo
    The other day one conversation that struck me hard was of a little 12 year old boy. He is about Donnie's height, and he lives on a bicycle. His name is Diego. He is a muscly little boy, and he came over to talk to us when we were taking a 5 minute break from walk in 100 degree weather. He asked us for pass along card, how we were doing, if we had a boyfriend, etc. and every little thing under the sun. 

    He pointed out his brother and cousins who were in a little red car down the street. We asked if he lived with his family, and he said he lived on his bike. He spends his days from 10 in the morning to 10 at night on a bicycle. He says he goes home for lunch with his brother but that both of his parents work and that he rarely sees them. We invited him to sports on Saturday. He said he'd like to go. I hope he goes. He is a good kid. 

It made me think of how blessed my life is and the value of my family. 
Family is so important.

     I loved Riley's email about the couple who were baptized. It reminded me of a similar conversion story of one of the people I taught that got baptized less that a month ago.

     There is a sister in my old sector here who is 18. When I met her she was 17 and sure that God did not exist. She would debate with people. She thought they were all who believed in God were disillusioned. 

Then we met her. 

    She was presented a challenge to read the Book of Mormon. She did so, along with many questions and an open mind. Her heart changed. We invited her to pray to God and to ask Him if He exists.

   She said she had never felt something so beautiful, and that now she knew that God exists. 

She continued growing when I left that sector, and now she was recently baptized! 

   When I think of her, I remember her stubbornness and no nonsense attitude and spark. She is a lot more peaceful now. She is at peace with herself and is not defensive. She smiles with light in her eyes and lifts and grows the faith of those around her and challenges everyone to read the Book of Mormon. 

   I don't know when the change happened, but God is and will always be a worker of miracles especially for those who exercise their faith in him.

Start with the faith of a mustard seed.

Thank the Santoses for sending me everything I asked for. They are the best!!!

Yo y Hermana Gallardo

Love you lots.

       Hermana Bowman