Monday, August 3, 2015

Jake - #1 - Provo, UT - Two Days In, Pulled me to Intermediate Spanish

                                                   December 5, 2014

Hey guys. 

I'm an Elder. I constantly say that. My P-day is on Friday. Its super busy here but about what I expected. I didn't expect my Spanish to come nearly as fast as it did. On day two, they pulled me out of my beginning class which was pretty advanced already. Most in there have two years of Spanish, and placed me in a new intermediate class and had me change companions. 

I am now in a district of 4 people - two Elders and two Hermanas. The hardest part is sitting, and sitting, for like 10 hours a day. Thankfully, my companion is very cool. His name is Elder Nelson. He used to box and is a recent convert to the church. It is kinda funny, because my previous companion was a state champion wrestler. We get along very well.

I adjusted very easily to the sleeping schedule I actually am the first to get up and get up the rest of my zone. The food is fantastic. We are very close as a zone and do everything together. We're all athletes, so health isn't a problem. 

Planning is important as we probably have had 20 minutes of free time per day. Until today that is. It's really interesting how much the spirit is present when we teach, pray, or bare our testimonies in Spanish vs English. 

We have excellent teachers. I actually can speak mostly in Spanish now, a lot has comeback. It feels as though I've been here a week, not two days. Pre-mission life is kinda hazy. There is so much to do and to know, and its very fast paced here. 

I'm very glad I served a mission. This is certainly the best place for me. I actually (my first day here) made my first contact. We had a non-member BYU student on campus, that was truly a non-member. He came to help train the missionaries. He isn't interested in hearing the gospel but accepted the church's invitation to help out. When he spoke I felt the spirit prompting me on what to say, and I understood him. Many of the missionaries were very unsure of how to approach him, because he shut missionaries down when they spoke. He spoke his mind and was very blunt. Needless to say, I thought he and I would get along great.  I approached him after the lesson and invited him to meet with my companion and I, so we could talk. I was rejected, his reasoning being BYU finals week, but he told me if I saw him around the MTC I should come talk to him. So day one, and already my first rejection. To be honest it didn't bother me. I feel he is ready for the gospel. 

I'll send a photo soon.

Elder Bowman