Monday, March 17, 2014

Mollie #67 - Villa Obispo, Chile - English Class, Piano Playing, Virtue

                                                   February 17
Hey all,

   I only have two shakes of rattle to write to you guys. I had to do invitations for my English class and stuff for the ward that took up most of my PDay time.

   I did something completely new this week. I flagged down cars to invite people to my English class, using a whiteboard on a busy street and pass along cards. We will see how this goes.


This is our grocery store. There are markets on every other block that we also go to.

I also played a piano they stuck in the middle of the mall. 
Music always brings people to us.

And Happy Valentine's Day! I ate lots of chocolate to celebrate!

Spiritual Thought
I've been teaching about virtue. To come unto Christ and be more Christ-like, we must become virtuous. In Preach My Gospel, it tells us that virtue originates in your innermost thoughts and desires. It is a pattern of thought and behavior based on high moral standards. 

Today, society tells us that virtue isn't necessary, that it takes away from having a fun life, that movies and songs that have inappropriate words and scenes for the fun of it don't matter - of course, they do matter.

We know that the Holy Ghost doesn't dwell in unclean tablernacles. If we want the Spirit to guide us, comfort us, and give us strength when we are thrown something we don't know how to handle, we must make good daily choices so the spirit can be with us.

What we think and do with our friends and when we are alone matters. The type of unclean "fun" society wants us to believe makes us happy, really leads to sadness and confusion.We need to be clean and focus on the good, uplifting things Heavenly Father has given us in the world. There is good and bad everywhere, often in the same place, but we can choose to turn toward the light, turning our back to the dark.

    I now know that Virtue is cooler than I thought when I first came on the mission. It's not so much a keep people from breaking the law of chastity rule, but more of a monkish way of controlling your thoughts.

                  Love you all lots,
                    Hermana Bowman

PS (Re: Click for MICHELE'S BLOG POST) Mich - Baby training sounds like a lot of work. Get better. Thanks for the pics!