Saturday, March 22, 2014

Riley # 57 - Lomita, CA - Meeting new people, Tricompanionship

                                        March 3, 2014

Dear Family,

      Hey. Sorry, for the short letters. Our preparation days haven't been going as planned so we end up with less time to email than we expect.

    We did go eat out at a burger place with the birthday money. Also, make sure I still have money left. I have been using it the past couple of weeks because I misplaced the mission debit card and took the opportunity to replace some of the things that have been getting worn out. The replacement mission debit card should come next week, but I really have no idea how much is on the one from home.

     We actually had a lot of rain this week, by far the most I've seen since being here. The week before was really warm like in the eighties, but then it rained for like 3 days. It was a nice change of scenery.
     We are covering Palos Verdes right now so we have had a bit of trouble finding new people to teach. Most of it is residential and tracting is less than effective. Still, we are meeting with the people we already know in the area, so perhaps we will see some success from them. We are always serving, finding people, teaching, and supporting the members.

Elder Bria
Elder Lee
      So right now we are in a tricompanionship. I included a picture of Elder Bria, who just came in last transfer, and Elder Lee, who came in a few transfers ago. I think you can probably guess who is who.

                                               Elder Bowman