Sunday, March 23, 2014

Riley #58 - Lomita, CA - New Converts marrying & teaching, Relying on Heavenly Father

                                                             March 10, 2014
Dear Family,

     Thanks for the emails and pictures. The weeks been pretty good. We have had a few investigators drop us lately, but we also met some new people this week and found some people to teach. Our English class, which has been fairly deserted lately, has taken a turn for the better with several new students coming in last week.

Elder Bria, Me, and Elder Lee

       One of them went to badminton at the church as well. Elder Lee and Bria played a little badminton with them. The only problem is that we got our badminton rackets at Daiso, the Japanese $1.50 store where we buy everything. Elder Lee's broke while he was playing and his racket almost nailed another nonmember in the head. That was almost as mortifying as the utter defeat they suffered at the hands of a mom and her 14 year old son. It was pretty fun to watch from the sidelines.
     It is getting hot here again. Our recent converts who just got baptized in January are heading back to Hong Kong this week to get married. They'll be back in the summer, but even still it is sad to see them leave. They are fantastic members. He taught the gospel principles lesson at church last week and did a better job than we usually do; it was great. Next week, another recent convert who was baptized in February will be teaching. There is also another baptism in the Branch next Sunday.

Elder Burr and Elder Lee
          I hit my one year mark in the mission field this week. March 6, last year, I arrived in the mission field. It has felt like it has passed really quickly, but also like a lot has happened. There has been lots of different experiences and not much time to reflect on them as there is always something we need to be doing, to be working on.

      There have been a lot of failed ideas and still more ideas we have yet to try. There have been a ton of failures, but also the occasional success that gives me the confidence to make a ton more failures. It is clear that we been guided and given strength in both the successes and the failures. 

       We can always rely on help from Heavenly Father. We can seek it through prayer and receive a hope of it through our faith. Then, he gives us the confirmation of our faith. We just need to be ready to accept and recognize it when it comes. The work we do is truly the Lord's work and it is him who does it. There is definitely no way we can do it (trust me, we've tried). Being here is an immeasurable experience. 

It changes us as much as it does the people we teach.

            Elder Bowman