Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mollie #65 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Made Burritos for Zone, Saw Hermana Lattin, Climbed over home fence

                                 February 3

Hey all,

     Happy birthday, Mich! You have official been promoted to the age of a quarter.

       So what have I been up to?
    Well, today we planned and cooked for the zone activity. We made homemade burritos. I made refried beans from scratch, which was a first for me, but they turned out really yummy. Canned beans are really cheap in the US, but here they are 5 dollars a can. So you cook the beans, and then mix in sautéed onion, add salt to taste, and quite a bit of water. Stick it in the blender until it looks right. If it is watery add more beans. 

Ward family we love to visit
    The activities were fun. We played water games, did a scavenger hunt, and constructed temples from spaghetti noodles and gummy candy.  

     Other things we have been up to this week include knocking a lot of doors, which is always interesting. We have been looking for new people as a focus of our mission.

     We got a new mission leader named Spencer. He just got back from serving a mission in North Chile, Santiago North, I think. He has a lot of great ideas, so we are going to see how it goes. We have a couple of activities lined up already.

  My companion is starting to adapt to the mission routine, which is nice. We can walk faster now and talk to more people. This week we have Return and Report for the new people. So we will be taking a bus up to Concepcion.  

   We also did intercambios this week, which was fun because I got to spend a day with Hermana Lattin. I just love that girl. She just feels like California.
Thank you Bowman y Pop-Pop y Aunt Mary for the shoes and the sticky notes and the makeup - but especially for the shoes. I love them and some of my old ones were getting a bit ratty.

     Funny story so the other day the other sister accidentally stole our keys along with their own. We, dressed in our missionary clothes, had to climb and jump a six foot fence to get out and into the house. My companion was in a pencil skirt and didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did. We both got scraped up a little, but it was totally worth it to be in the house. Even if we had to climb through a window after climbing the fence.

    One focus I have been working on is gratitude. We know that a prayer with God is like a conversation. And it is or at least it feels like it. We express gratitude and we ask for things and we talk about our day. Gratitude is easy in a prayer but we don´t express gratitude nearly as often when we talk to others. Just a thought.
                    Love you all lots,
                          Hermana Bowman

PS. Check if you have a letter from Hermano Quesada. It was a video for Riley for his birthday.