Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mollie #68 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Slept on the hospital floor, Tour of our place

                                               February 24
Hey all,

    I will be starting my English classes next Saturday. It will be the same day as a mini-mission that they are doing here in the stake.

   Truly, this ward has an organized choir. There are a lot of return missionaries in the ward and over ten people that speak English. I am not doing choir since I'm not needed, but I am training two members to play piano. One for each ward. They are youth. 

     One of the hermanas in our house (Hermana Palma) is sick. I spent the night sleeping on the ground in the hospital on an air mattress keeping her company so that her companion could come home and catch some sleep. She hadn't slept all night.

 Hermana Palma has some sort of problem with her spine. She is in a lot of pain, and they will be doing an MRI for her this afternoon. She has been in the clinica (kind of like a hospital) for three days with an IV tube for the pain. 

    Summer vacation is going to be over next week, so all of the families have started to trickle back in the ward. Everyone here goes to the campo or the beach for the summer. Evidently, southern Chile is the most beautiful. because lots of tourism is there and that is where everyone goes for vacation. 

    It is corn season, so we have been eating lots of pastel de choclo and ermitas. It is almost peach season which will be nice.

You've been asking about where I live, so this week I'm sending you a photo tour of the place.  (It's Pday, so it's a little messy)

All of the houses are the same

Our Dryer


Spiritual Thought

Always apply the Southern Bell rule liberally (aka Give people credit and praise for doing exactly what you told them or wanted them to do.) Lots of people need a little more praise.

                    Love you all lots,
                     Hermana Bowman