Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mollie #69 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Mini-missionaries, Salta de Laja, A Conversation

                                                                  March 3, 2014

Hey All,

     So we have been up to a lot. At least that is what it feels like, but the truth of the matter is we have been walking a loooooot in the blazing hot sun here in LA.

Cooling off with my hair clipped up.
 We have been advertising our English class.

    We are going to begin this week. I hope it is successful. We have been advertising by putting up fliers in all of the small business around our sector and handing out pass-along cards and using the church whiteboards. We also have a ward activity called the postreton, where everyone brings their most creative sweet treat.

    This week was fun, because we had 2 mini-missionaries in the house. When authorized by the mission president, people have permission to do a mini-mission - where they stay with the missionaries a week and live as a missionary would. It´s to help them prepare for the missions. We had two sisters. One is going on a mission to Argentina in April.

    We went and visited their house this morning. It is beautiful. Full of tall trees and there is a river - the Salta. It is a tourist sight if you want to look it up  - the Salta de Laja. 

Salta de Laja

     I love tall trees and the water is clean and clear. There are weeping willows, pines, aspens, aromatics, and many others. There are big fields flooded with corn, zucchini, etc. 

    The barbed-wire, tree branch fences close in pastures - freckled with cows and chickens and horses.

They eat horse here. It tastes like cow.

    I think large places, whether it is a forest or an ocean or a cliff, help us to realize how small we truly are. That in the scope of things God understands, sees, and takes care of things that are much larger and more complicated than we are. 

   All the little stress that we carry around in our eyes, shoulder, and head is let go, as we fall into admiration of the order and perfection that is God.

My companion is still fiery. She makes me laugh all the time. 

      The other day we approached a man and before we even said a word he was shaking his head gesturing at us with his hands to go away like a dog.  

      My companion took a step closer looked him in the eye and said: 

We are not animals. We are not to be gestured and shooed off.  Calm down. We are people. Would you like a printing of Jesus Christ? We are passing them out and inviting people to put it somewhere and remember him more.

Him: You are not going to convince me to change.

Hermana: We are not here to convince or change people. If people change it is not because we convinced them. I cannot convince anyone. We invite all to pray to God to know if what we share is true or a lie. It is one or the other. We are here to encourage and help you grow your faith in the God of us all and his son Jesus Christ. We are always here to serve you if you need help. Have a good day. 

    She has gotten very comfortable with the mission. It makes me smile some days more than others.

     Love you all lots,
      Hermana Bowman