Friday, January 3, 2014

Riley #47 & #48 - Lomita, CA - Two Quick Letters and Photos

                           December 23, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon.

I am tempted to end there, since it is almost Christmas.

     Elder Burr wants to Skype home, so I guess I probably will too. We still have to confirm with a member, so we aren't sure about what time it will be. Probably around 12 or 1 CA time, unless we can do it earlier.
      I still have the letter you sent last time with the information about the account. I may just call you first and then see if we can set it up. Plan on 12:00. I maybe will call you, if there is a change.

      The week went well. We have been teaching more lately, but are still looking. English class has been struggling, but it may pick up after holidays. I don't have much time today to say more, but will send some pictures instead. Looking forward  to talking to you soon.

              Elder Bowman


                                December 30

Hi Everyone,

  Don't have too much time to write. In any case, I just talked to you a few days ago. It was great seeing you all, especially Madeleine, and it was good to talk to Bowman.

   Thank you for all the gifts. It was weird receiving presents as I really wasn't expecting anything other than maybe snacks. Thanks for sending me Mollie's letters. It's too bad we didn't get to talk Christmas.

    Things have been a little busy lately, but I will have to talk to you about that next week. 

    Most of our normal activities are on break for the holidays so we have been a little unsure how to use this time. 

   The weather has warmed up quite a bit; it feels like July again. Mornings are still a little chilly. 

            Happy New Years. Next week marks a year for me. Sorry don't have much time today, but I will to get more than one picture next time.
Happy Birthday, Madeleine!

               Elder Bowman