Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mollie #61 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Shots for Hermana Porter, Celebrating New Year's

                                                      January 6
Hi Everyone,

   Thanks for keeping up writing letters to me, and thanks for sending Riley's letters to me. I loved them a lot. He's not the best letter writer, but he's not the worst, so that's all right. I hope he's doing well. I know he probably needs ideas and things like, and I definitely have some, but I'd need to talk to him. We definitely have to arrange things so we can Skype on Mother's Day.

 I hope you guys received my Christmas gifts and liked them.

   This week we were sick all week. I saw all sorts of doctors and medical people. Monday I was sick with what some think was strep, but it only lasted a day and a half. I slept that long, you know how I can sleep. After sleeping, I had a fever and my throat was sore for two days, and then I was fine.

     Hermana Porter was throwing up for days, so I had to figure out something else to do to help. I tried lots of things, but the Relief Society - they win! - brought her tacos, just of corn and bread, so she wouldn't be too sick.

Hermana Porter on the right.
     The next day, I went with Hermana Porter to the hospital. She had been throwing up for two days straight - 8 in the morning to 8 at night. We were waiting at the hospital, and she was given shots. These weren't  small shots. These were really big shots. It was the second time I was at the hospital, because I went with Hermana Francesca earlier in the week. 

    Anyway, they gave her these shots, and she was bleeding, and they didn't give here anything to put on it. She got blood all over her clothing. She was mad that they left her there bleeding on her clothes. It was a reminder that we are not in the US.

   Then we had New Year's. For New Year's, we went to a member's house - husband, wife, and three kids. They are new members of the ward. They are wonderful people, beautiful people. They are only twenty-two , and they have three kids. They made big changes in their lives. The gospel changed everything for them. It made their life. 

   We went over to their house for New Year's and had a great time. We had three or four different types of meat, mashed potatoes, corn. It was good - good Chilean food. After that we came home at 10:30.

My Sector - I figured out where north is!

    There's a tradition here that you hug everyone at midnight for New Year's. We can't have that happening with elders and hermanas or hugging with people in the ward. 

     So we came home at 10:30 and had a little dance in our house. Hermana Francesca, who is in the house with us, is a dance teacher.  She was teaching us different types of dances. It was fun! We danced until midnight when we had the countdown. Then we went to bed afterward. Actually, I went to bed afterward. I'm not sure what everybody else was doing.

    Saturday we went contacting new people, and looking for a house for a family to rent. A family we are friends with are renting. The family they are renting from are coming back, and they have 15 days, so we helped look some.

    Everyone is doing really well. The ward is doing really well. It's really independent here. It's totally different from the other places, because it's kind of like Utah. It's so advanced.  They have all of the technology. They are educated. They speak two languages. 

    I've been enjoying it, because there's a lot I can do. The people are more independent. They are married in homes, not divorced - or never were married, but lived together for so many years  having all sorts of problems. Nothing like that here. It's just nice - a nice place that's beautiful.

This is John, wearing my new hat

    I'm trying to figure out how to serve them. Members will come with us to the lessons to teach, and I'm loving that. We also are working well with the Elders. I'm just really having a good time here. 

   I love the ward and my companion, Hermana Porter. Hermana Porter and I are great friends.  She is fantastic. She helps me be a better person, which is fantastic. I'm always laughing with Hermana Porter. We are always laughing about something.

            I love you lots!