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Mollie #60 - Villa Obispo, Chile - Depression, MS, and Hope


                                December 30, 2013 
Hey All,
     So we had to deal with all sorts of problems this week. Mainly in that I have been sick. I think it might be from too much sun. Fever, coughing, sore throat, blocked up nose, body has absolutely 0 energy. 

      We had a sister get baptized this week, which was really beautiful.

      Her 12 year old son is a fantastic ball of energy that rides his bike with his friends around town and says “Hi Hermanas!” as he flashes us a smile. He loves music, soccer, biking, and chocolate syrup. His mother, being ill, weighs on him. You see it when he is with her. He takes care of her. He sits beside her. He holds her hands. He gets her a glass of homemade juice. He runs to the store. He does his homework early. He tracks her when she moves afraid that she might fall. He loves her. She leans on him.

     His mother was trapped in depression - trapped in her bed. She had some really heavy sins. Not the small kind at all. She had been in bed due to severe depression for months. 

     Then the world really tossed her a hard ball. When she was just starting to pray regularly and gain a little hope, she got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She was really down. She did not have energy to leave that house.  But prayer and hope had the power to change her life. She did a 180, and threw off the chains that bound her. It sounds easy and quick, but know that it was not an easy process. 

   The second time we visited her she told us about how she woke up that morning and really wanted to wash the windows. It didn´t matter that her little frail body couldn't lift the bucket of water. She fell twice while washing those windows, but she felt free. She had hope.

    Her whole face and world changed. She prayed and prayed and prayed even more. She read the scriptures and then prayed more. She cried and cried more. Every time we visited her, she had visibly changed. It was beautiful. She started smiling, and she started laughing. She learned to feel peace, to feel joy. Then she asked us when she could be baptized. She had learned to love repentance and wanted more. 

This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

    The process never ends we have hope, we change, we make covenants, and we thrive in the peace and joy that is the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

      Elder Holland has said this about it:  "When disappointment and discouragement strike - and they will - you remember and never forget that if our eyes could be opened, we would see horses and chariots of fire as far as the eye can see, riding at reckless speed to come to our protection. They will always be there, these armies of heaven, in defense of Abraham's seed."

(From Christmas) Niche de Hogar

Niche de Hogar

Love you all lots,
   Hermana Bowman

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  1. We love Hermana Bowman and hope she feels better soon.