Sunday, January 26, 2014

Riley #50 - Lomita, CA - Planning for Chinese New Year

                                                     January 13, 2014
Hey Everyone,

       Sorry, I don't have much time today. It seems to always go this way. We had time planned for writing today, but got caught up cleaning our apartment. Thanks for all of the emails. I will try to respond more next week.

     I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks. The branch has a huge activity planned for Chinese New Year's on the 25th. There should be tons of people there.

    It sounds as though Elder Burr and I am going to be doing the lion dance. A member apparently bought a bunch of stuff for the activity when they were in Hong Kong, so it should be spectacular.  I'm so grateful for the support we have here and at home.

     Now that winter break is over, we are becoming really busy again trying to meet with our investigators. One sister is rapidly preparing for baptism.   Her husband is a recent convert who got baptized back in November.

    Wow. It's exciting to hear about Statler and Sara and their missionary experiences. I don't have time to watch Statler's video today, but will next week.

   Thank Sister Slade for thinking of us. I'm in contact with the downtown missionaries, so if she can describe more where to go, that would be good. I think they had a hard time with the address.

               Elder Bowman