Thursday, August 29, 2013

Riley #31 - Lomita, CA - Haircut photo, Apartment, People moving in

                                             August 20, 2013

Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for the letters. It's nice getting to see Michele's blog. 

     The photos I am sending are mostly old ones of Elder Hsiao that I don't think I have sent before. I didn't really take any photos this week. 

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      The one of me I did send was taken in the parking lot of the library where I am emailing. You can notice I got a new haircut.


     The ones of Elder Hsiao also show the apartment where we lived when we were companions. It was pretty nice, larger than the one we have now. Elder Hsiao is going home tomorrow, so these will probably be the last I send of him. 

      Transfers were last night. Elder Bergeson and I didn't change at all. We are both pretty happy with that as there is a lot going on in the Branch and we want to be a part of it. 

     The one change we did have was the creation of a new zone. The new zone is called the International Zone and, as we understand it, contains the language programs with the exception of Spanish of course. That should mean Korean, Chinese, and Tongan. Also, probably, ASL and maybe Samoan. I am not sure if there is a defined Samoan program right now. 

      We don't know who our district leader is yet, but the zone leader should be Elder Kuo. As far as we know, he is the only zone leader, which would be weird as there is always two. The new zone should help us coordinate better for English class and finding techniques. 

     As the Chinese program grows, we also could have a Chinese district which would be neat as we could then hold our meetings in Chinese. The new Chinese missionary should come tomorrow. From what we have heard, the next one will probably come during the transfer. I think both of them should be fluent in Chinese. 

     A lot of things have been happening here and we have been able to find Chinese people who are interested in being taught. There seems to be a lot of Chinese people moving in around the Branch. It really feels like there has been a big change we have seen in the past month in regards to our work. It is easy to see the God's hand in the work we have been doing as he guides us and those we teach. We have made a lot trips to the Visitor Center lately. Every time we are there, Chinese people will unexpectedly come in and we will be able to talk to them.

              Elder Bowman