Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Riley #45 - Lomita, CA - Things are picking up

                                    December 9, 2013

Hi Everyone, 

   This week was pretty great. Everything seems to be picking up. Thanks for the prayers.

    We have a fair number of people we have been teaching lately, though they can be hard to meet with during these winter seasons. It has actually been pretty cold lately, and even rained pretty hard last Saturday. 

    We helped out at an Orchestra concert on Saturday. The orchestra is pretty amazing, but we didn't really get to listen because we were busy talking to people. It's so great to be finding people again.

      We also got to play Ultimate Frisbee with the YSA. That was really weird. We went because we had an investigator there, but it kind of felt weird because we were in normal clothes hanging out with people our age. Our investigator was really surprised to see we could wear normal clothing. He only had seen us in our missionary clothes.

    We are still working on getting people to English class. Our students in English class have been lacking lately so getting more people there is key. There are some ideas we are going to try out, and switching up the ads may help. 

   We have been pretty busy lately which is always the best. Sounds like thing are going well there. Thanks for sending Michele's blogs, they're great to see. 

   Elder Burr's parent's may contact you. He finally told them that I am from Alpine.

           Elder Bowman