Sunday, December 8, 2013

Riley #43 - Lomita, CA - Filming?, Activities, Wanting a religion

                                                 November 25, 2013
 Hi Everyone!

    Thanks for the news from the sisters. I didn't quite catch what you meant with Sam Beck. Are you going to email him yourself for the email of one of the Oakland Chinese missionaries?

   All of the filming stuff is pretty complicated. Right now UCLA and USC are out of my area, but perhaps we could put something together with the elders up there. It's going to require a fair bit of time and sacrifice from the part of members, so I really need to be able to see the benefit and understand it in order to pitch it. How would lots of nonmembers see the film? And then how would they become investigators from the film? These are the two major questions that I need to understand in order for to be able to pitch the idea. 

    The sidewalk chalk video in New York sounds neat, but it sounds like most of the success didn't actually come from the video itself, but from the activity they did in the video. Not trying to shoot it down, just need to understand more before it can be used. Same questions for #3 and 4. How do we get a lot of people to watch the video and then become investigators? Sounds like you understand the film idea a lot better than me. I don't know if you've heard, but on the church has something set up where you can make video, clips, pictures, music, or writing for them to use in their own productions. Pretty neat if you are interested in doing something for them. If I remember right the person who was going to move into the Crawford's house also made videos for the church. In the meantime, we're still looking for ideas 'outside of the box.'

              Everything is going well here. It was a long and busy week, the best kind on the mission. We are working on improving the activities we already do. We have seen more benefits from them this week. Of course, as always, we are still looking for new things to do to find new people to teach. 

     There are a ton of activities coming up in December that we can invite people to and they all should be spiritual experiences. As we teach people, we have seen more and more the need for them to have a spiritual experience, a chance for them the feel the Spirit. 

   Other churches will always have more activities than us, but we have the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is where true meaning is found, where people truly change their lives. A lot of the people we met lately from China want religion. They come here atheist, but have decided to become Christian, for a large part because they want their family to have a faith. 

   When it comes down to it, they don't really have any prior beliefs keeping them from believing, they just have to know that it is the best place for their children. We can help them realize that not through how many activities we have for their children, but by helping them understand what the church will have their children become.

             Elder Bowman